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Michigan Liquor Control Commission Hearings

Michigan Liquor Control Commission

The Governor of Michigan selects five members to lead the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. These members control the traffic of alcohol within the state. The MLCC regulates individuals or businesses involved in the selling and distribution of alcohol, and protects those who are consuming it.

State and Local Liquor License Hearings in Michigan

For Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop's liquor license clients, a particular strength of our practice is our ability to present their positions effectively at Michigan Liquor Control Commission licensing or local enforcement hearings. To learn how this essential skill can benefit you and your business, contact one of our lawyers in Bloomfield Hills.

Our Experience and Attention to Detail can Make the Decisive Difference

Our Michigan liquor licensing practice has a statewide reputation as specialists working with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to help businesses obtain a liquor license. One of the keys to our success at hearings before local decision makers and the MLCC is our attention to detail and ability to prepare the record of your application for a potential appeal. Our presentation is designed to establish your right to positive action in clear and easily understood terms. In 2007, clients of our firm were granted many of the special licenses statewide outside the local quota process.

We can make an effective hearing presentation on a wide range of issues

While most of our clients depend on us to help them obtain their liquor licenses, some restaurants, bars and retailers come to our law firm for defense of enforcement proceedings based on such alleged violations as the following:

  • Sales to visibly intoxicated persons
  • Sales to minors
  • Violations of license conditions
  • Failure to make annual reports
  • Improper recordkeeping practices
  • Fights, assaults, or other law enforcement problems
  • Inventory control violations by off-premises retailers
  • Improper license transfer or assignment procedures
  • Violations of advertising and promotional restrictions

Our attorneys also handle appeals of adverse decisions in the Michigan Liquor Control Commission or local liquor license enforcement proceedings.

To learn how our experience and skill with hearings before the MLCC or local regulators can help protect the value of your Michigan liquor license, contact an attorney at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.