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General Counsel Services

Reliable Advice for Southeast Michigan Small Business

Although a smaller company might find that it's not economically feasible due to its scale of operations to support an in-house general counsel, it is also sure to discover that legal problems will come up from time to time anyway. The best way to ensure your capacity to respond effectively and often times avoid the issues that eventually occur, is to establish a relationship with a lawyer who understands your company's legal needs and business goals.

We offer efficient general counsel services for Oakland County businesses

Contact an attorney at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop to establish your relationship with an experienced and sophisticated business counselor. With 8 lawyers, our firm is big enough to cover a surprising range of technical or highly specialized legal needs, but small enough to make sure that you will never get lost in the shuffle.

Our clients also come to appreciate our ability to offer sound and dependable business advice that can help you develop or revise your business plan, expand your access to debt or equity financing, or resolve a difficult business decision that could affect your company for years to come.

As your company's general counsel, our services could include advice and representation on any combination of the following:

  • Contract negotiations and documentation
  • Review of legal documents of all kinds
  • Real estate transactions
  • License and permit applications on issues ranging from real estate development to liquor sales
  • Resolving problems with local governments or municipal hearing boards
  • Property tax issues
  • Business purchases, sales, or mergers
  • Loan workouts and other cash-flow or financing problems
  • Corporate or partnership management or governance issues
  • Business management or ownership succession problems
  • Resolution of business disputes through negotiation, litigation, mediation or arbitration

Most businesses worth $20 million or less find that we can handle all of their general counsel, contract documentation, regulatory compliance and litigation needs. If a problem comes up that lies outside our range, we'll assist you with access to a lawyer capable of resolving it.

We can help you take advantage of market opportunities, maintain compliance with state and local regulations, avoid liability, and even manage crises. For additional information about our general counsel services for Southeast Michigan businesses, contact a lawyer at Adkison, Need, Allen & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.